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DDP (Delivered DutyPaid in full English) "Delivered Dutypaid" means that the seller delivers the goods to the place designated by the buyer after completing import customs clearance at the destination designated by the buyer. If the goods have not yet been unloaded, they shall be delivered to the Buyer, and if delivery has been completed, the Seller shall bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the named destination, including any "taxes" payable at the destination when customs formalities are required (including customs duties and risks, and charges, duties, taxes and other charges). It can be seen that under DDP terms, the seller bears a great deal of responsibility.

ddp trade mode note 1:properly handle insurance matters

Since the transaction is done according to the terms of ddp trade, the seller has to bear a great risk. In order to obtain financial compensation in time in case of damage or loss of the goods, the seller should take out freight insurance. In choosing the type of insurance, ddp terms should be as flexible as DDU terms, depending on the nature of the goods, mode of transport and route of transport.

ddp trade mode note2:about the mode of transport

As explained in General Rules 2000, the terms ddp and DDU are applicable to all modes of transport. However, when the place of delivery is on a ship or wharf at the port of destination, the terms DES or DEQ shall not be used.

ddp trade mode note3:other points to note

Under ddp terms of delivery, the seller delivers the goods at the named destination after going through the import customs clearance formalities, which actually means that the seller has shipped the goods into the domestic market of the importer. If the seller has difficulties in handling import procedures directly, it may also ask the buyer for assistance. If the parties agree that the buyer will process the import of the goods and pay the customs duties, the term DDU shall be used. If the parties agree to exclude from the obligations undertaken by the seller certain charges to be Paid when the goods are imported (e.g., increment tax), it shall be written "Delivered Duty Paid, VAT UnPaid (... named place ofdestination) ", i.e. "Delivered duty paid, proliferation tax unpaid (named destination)".

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