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International freight

International freight is one or more means of transportation from one country to another. International trade is usually international freight, but usually international freight also includes express delivery, international freight does not include international inter-courier

First, international sea transport


Sea transport is the most critical sea logistics transport, but also includes inland waterway transport, canal logistics transport, logistics transport in the lake, etc. Sea transport is divided into container shipping, bulk logistics transport, ro-ro logistics transport, tanker logistics transport, etc. The container of sea transportation is divided into full container, LCL, etc. The biggest advantage of sea transport is large transport volume and low transport cost! Its key disadvantage is the long logistics transportation time and high risk. Sea transport is the key means of transport for international trade, about 85% of global trade is done by sea transport.

Second, international air freight


International freight forwarders believe that international air logistics transport is a use of passenger aircraft flights in the belly of the cabin and its air cargo tools, such as all-cargo aircraft for the international freight way. Compared with international shipping, air freight transport is small, but efficient, fast and flexible - suitable for high value, especially urgent, fresh and perishable, diplomatic packaging, international air express and other special logistics transport.

Third, rail transport


International railroad transport is the logistical transport of imported and exported goods, i.e. one of the key land transport means. The key to domestic railroad transport is international railroad transport through Siberian Continental Bridge, Eurasian Continental Bridge, New Eurasian Continental Bridge, etc. Its advantages are fast logistics transportation, high transport capacity, low cost, punctuality and almost independent of weather and natural environment.

Fourth, logistics transportation in various forms

International multimodal transport means that according to the multimodal transport contract, the multimodal transport operator allocates two or more means of transport to transport the goods from the domestic pick-up point to the domestic designated delivery point. Such as sea-land intermodal transport, sea-rail intermodal transport, sea-air intermodal transport, air-land intermodal transport, sea-rail land intermodal transport, etc.

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