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What is logistics transportation?

Logistics and transportation technology mainly includes two categories of transportation facilities and transportation operations, the former belongs to transportation hard technology and the latter belongs to transportation soft technology. Transportation hard technology mainly includes transportation infrastructure, such as roads, railroads, shipping, transport vehicles and other infrastructure improvements, while transportation soft technology includes management methods, logistics technology, logistics personnel literacy, etc.

The important role of modern logistics in regional economic development is also increasingly recognized, and many provinces and cities have put the development of modern logistics on the important agenda. The modernization of logistics is closely related to the level of economic development, and it is expected that China's economy will maintain a stable and rapid growth in a considerable period of time in the future, and the trend of convergence with the world economy will also strengthen, which is the general environment for the development of logistics business. However, the logistics industry is not very mature, there are still "weak, loose, slow" and uncoordinated problems in macro management, the scope of business is not large, the market expansion ability is not strong, as well as a serious lack of high-quality professionals, have become an important factor limiting the development of China's logistics industry.

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