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No matter whether youwant to ship LCL or FCL,or want to ship by sea or air,we can meet your requirements, we are First-class agents for shipping companies and airlines.self-operated overseas warehouse,strong customs clearance ability,quick container pick-up,no product attachment fee,favorable price,stable lead time.

Middle East DDP line

With DDP service,sellers can ship goods to the Middle East without worrying about customs duties and taxes. DDP service providers handle all the paperwork and fees for the sellers,saving them time and money. DDP service also ensures faster and smoother delivery,as the goods do not need to go through customs clearance at the destination.

Middle East DDP
Mexico DDP

Mexico DDP line

DDP service is the Mexico Registered DDP line offered by YunExpress for Amazon sellers who ship goods to Mexico. This service provides full traceability,door-to-door delivery,and DDP customs clearance for goods shipped to Mexico. It also follows the delivery policy of Amazon platform and the tax collection rules of the destination country.

Who We Are

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Who We Are

East Shipping (shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. started in 2016,has been focusing on latin america,Middle East market and north america market. with the development and effortsthese years. now has a professional and functional service team,fast lead time,competitive price,delivery of goods to the door directly,air shipping,sea shipping,express delivery,DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

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Why Choose Us

We combine professionalism,a global network,integrity,and stability to deliver high-quality logistics services. Choosing us means opting for reliability,quality service,and additional financial security.

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Professionalism,A global network,Integrity,and Stability
Your Best Partner in Logistics

Order Process

Our strictly adheres to the international freight logistics process. From coordinating pickup and consolidation of goods,managing warehousing,arranging multimodal transportation,to handling customs clearance and final delivery,we ensure a seamless and reliable service.

  • step1


    Efficient goods collection: We ensure rapid and orderly collection,expertly coordinating logistics to gather your goods efficiently.

  • step2


    Secure warehousing:Our warehousing provides top-notch security and optimal storage conditions,safeguarding your merchandise with precision.

  • step3


    Reliable transportation:We offer depend able and versatile transportation solutions,ensuring your cargo arrives on time,every time.

  • step4


    Customs clearance facilitation: Our experienced team streamlines customs processes guaranteeing fast,hassle-free clearance for your shipments.

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How do Customers Evaluate Us

Our customers majorly include world tank lessors,operators,logistic companies,end users,etc.

Outstanding service from this international logistics company. Timely shipments,excellent communication,and reliable tracking. The customer service team was always available,providing prompt and helpful responses to my inquiries.Truly exceeded my expectations for overseas freight. Highly recommend!



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