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What is ddp shipping?

What is ddp shipping?

For both the buyer and seller, one of the most important things to know about international trade is the different terms and conditions for shipping. One term that has become more well-known in recent times is DDP or Delivered Duty Paid. This article will provide a complete guide on what DDP shipping means, its benefits and how it affects each party involved in a transaction.

Delivered duty paid (DDP) refers to an incoterm defined by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It states that the seller is responsible for delivering goods at buyer’s nominated place of destination paying all necessary costs as well as bearing any risks during transportation process such as those of customs clearance or duty payment. In simple words this means until they are delivered safely right into your hands, seller covers everything concerning these items.

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With years of experience in the shipping industry, East Shipping's team of experts is well-equipped to handle even the most complex shipping challenges, providing customers with reliable and efficient service.


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What is DDP Shipping?

DDP Shipping stands for Delivered Duty Paid, which means that the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer's destination, including paying for any duties and taxes associated with the shipment.

What are the benefits of DDP Shipping?

DDP Shipping offers several benefits, such as simplifying the import process for buyers by handling all customs-related tasks, potentially reducing costs by optimizing tax payments, and ensuring a seamless delivery experience with one point of contact for both transportation and customs clearance.

How does DDP Shipping work?

Under DDP Shipping, the seller arranges for the transportation of goods to the buyer's specified location, taking care of all costs and formalities required to clear the goods through customs at the destination country.  This includes paying the duty and taxes necessary to release the goods for import.


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