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Shipping To North America

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What Quality Control Steps do We Have

Quality control is the process of ensuring that the products and services produced by a logistics company meet the quality standards and expectations of the customers and stakeholders.

  • Quality Policy

    We have a quality policy that defines our quality objectives,standards, and responsibilities. We communicate this policy to all our employees, partners, and customers, and we review it regularly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

  • Quality Plan

    We have a quality plan that outlines the specific quality control activities, methods, and tools that we use for each logistics process, such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, and information.

  • Quality Assurance

    We have a quality assurance system that monitors and evaluates the performance and compliance of our logistics processes.products, and services. We use various quality indicators, such as customer satisfaction, defect rate, delivery time.

What Certifications do We Have

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